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Specialty Coating Systems is the global leader in delivering innovative coating solutions for advanced technologies. For more than three decades, customers have turned to SCS for the planning, development, engineering and application of thin-film Parylene polymer coatings to their critical components. In addition to coating services. SCS also designs and manufactures industry-leading coating, curing and testing equipment. Being and exclusive distributor of SCS INETest is very glad to introduce most Competitive Coating Solution, in India .


Parylene Deposition System PDS 2060


Precision Coat System (Spray & Dispense)

SCS parylene Deposition Systems efficiently apply Parylene conformal coatings via vapor phase deposition processes. Parylene systems v/ary in size and capability and can be tailored to meet customer needs. The SCS line includes laboratory, cleanroom and high-capacity production systems.

The SCS Precisioncoat spray coating system precisely sprays and dispenses a variety of solvent-based, water-based and 100% solids coatings to printed circuit assemblies, devices and other substrates with maximum accuracy and functionality. Coatings are applied via a three-to five-axes system, which can support a variety of spray and dispense heads.

The SCS Precision UVC cure unit mates seamlessly with the Precision coat for automatic UV curing. It offers three UV power levels to cure a wide variety of photocure coatings. The unit has an optional conveyor width adjustment feature.

The SCS Precision IRT cure oven, which also mates with the SCS Precisioncoat, quickly cures a wide variety of coatings and adhesives using both convection and long-wave infrared (IR) heat sources. The Precision IRT features a four-corner pneumatic lift for easy access to the process cavity.

Spin Coat system
(for semiconductor/Water Application)
The SCS G3 Spincoat series sets the standard in operating precision and programming flexibility, with a high level of rotation accuracy and repeatability, along with precise acceleration and deceleration control. Programmable spincoat models have an integrated dispense arm and exhaust adapter, and are equipped to control solenoid operation of an optional dispensing unit.


SCS lonograph SMD IV
SCS lonographs are designed for fast and accurate ionic contamination cleanliness testing. Each module uses an ultra-pure alcohol/water extraction media and a "dynamic method" to test product samples quickly and non-destructively. The family of test equipment offers a full range of capacities and controls to fit the needs of any lab or manufacturer. For those performing ionic contamination testing using "static test" methodology, the SCS Omega meter is the industry standard and provides effective and practical quality assurance for commercial cleanliness as well as accurate, repeatable and rapid results.


Dip Coating System


The SCS P-3201 is a precision dip coating system for coating of printed circuit boards in a non-automated production setting. This system can be used to apply urethane, epoxy, silicone and acrylic coatings, as well as photoresists and soldier mask materials.

Conformal Coating Systems
Dip Coating systems
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